What We're About

Are you ready for a mission? The next generation of leaders needs your help.

At ThinkCERCA, we believe critical thinking is the catalyst for change. We build software to teach critical thinking skills by helping students become better writers. Bill Gates called our tools "game-changing" and we’ve seen great results.

But there’s still more we can do. 

We’re looking for talented and collaborative team members who are passionate about education and improving the lives of students and teachers. 

Sound like you? We'd love to hear from you.

Our Commitment to Diversity

ThinkCERCA’s core values act as a guiding force for the entire team. These values place a specific emphasis on our desire to create and sustain a diverse and inclusive environment for everyone we encounter.

As a team of 35-plus employees, we recognize the importance of bringing a wide range of perspectives to a company that works with a diverse population of students, teachers, families, and administrators. The continued evolution of our product is dependent on the diverse mix of voices and backgrounds from our team.

To be diverse, ThinkCERCA works to recruit, hire, and retain employees from all walks of life. We do not discriminate based on race, color, ancestry, religion, gender identity, national origin, sexual orientation, marital status, ability, or military status. In fact, we love celebrating and learning from the diverse voices that our team brings together. Everyone is welcome here.

To be an inclusive environment for all, ThinkCERCA expects all staff to contribute to and refine our diversity and inclusion practices. It is each person’s responsibility to make all team members feel welcome. We appreciate when our colleagues share their background and experiences in order to continually improve upon our product and services.

The work to create such an environment does not end with hiring. We provide employees with professional development opportunities and trainings throughout the year on topics such as recognizing unconscious bias, giving growth-mindset feedback, and building cultural competency. The work to create a welcoming and diverse environment is never finished—we're looking for team members who will continually push to make ThinkCERCA's culture better.

What We’re Looking for In Candidates

People Who Take Ownership

We believe that everyone within the organization is a leader and owner of our work. No matter your role, you are expected to “own” your responsibilities until they are delivered, including the challenges along the way.

People Who Collaborate

We believe in approaching every aspect of our work as an opportunity to be collaborative partners with all stakeholders, both internal and external. We are looking for team members who embrace collaboration–in any form that is comfortable to them–and who do so in a way that’s understanding, respectful, and appreciative of diverse perspectives and ideas.

People Who Amplify Those Around Them

We value those who seek to improve every aspect of the business, even if it does not have a direct and obvious correlation to their direct role. This is what makes organizational learning scalable across the entire company.

People Who Deliver Results

We want team members who are consistently delivering quantifiable outputs with a high standard of quality, methodology, and timeliness. Each and every day, you are expected to take the appropriate actions to ensure results and communicate about your progress along the way.

People With a Commitment to Learning

ThinkCERCA is a company built upon data- and actuals-driven decision-making. We are looking for colleagues who are diligent about testing hypotheses in order to get to the right solutions quickly.